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Whether you are a coach, trainer or drill instructor looking for ways to challenge your people or just someone who loves to work hard, World's Hardest Exercises is a must-read. This one-of-a-kind book details the most challenging exercises and workouts on the planet that are guaranteed to bring a whole new level of intensity to your training.

"Jim Kielbaso has successfully trained thousands of athletes in every corner of athletics. He has pushed some of the world's best athletes to the edge and back. Through his coaching career he has developed an extensive exercise arsenal which is exactly what this book is…an arsenal. World's Hardest Exercises gives the reader the opportunity to see how they can push themselves both mentally and physically through a broad spectrum of various modes of training. Many people think that they have worked "hard" in the past and have been pushed to the edge. This book will show you the true essence of what it means to WORK HARD."

Darl Bauer, BS, CSCS
West Virginia University Strength & Conditioning

"If you like to push athletes to their limit, the information in World's Hardest Exercises will definitely grab your attention. There are so many great training ideas in this book that your athletes' will always be challenged. If you're looking for exercises that are mentally and physically taxing, require absolute strength, metabolic in nature, or just to add a twist to an old school finisher – get this book now."

Tony Rolinski MS, CSCS
Strength & Conditioning Coach – University of Notre Dame

"Jim, you did it again! This is a great book that is a must-read for anyone who loves a challenge. The exercises and workouts in World's Hardest Exercises are some of the most difficult and engaging I've ever seen. I've read just about everything out there on strength & conditioning, but I haven't seen anything quite like this."

Tim Wakeham MS, CSCS, CSCC
Strength & Conditioning Coach - Michigan State University

"Having worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years, I thought I had seen every exercise, training technique and protocol ever invented. I stand corrected. Jim Kielbaso's book offers a multitude of new techniques that push you to the limit and challenge not only your level of fitness, but also your mental toughness. Go ahead and try them out - if you dare!"

Dave Durell, MS, CSCS, PTA
Author of "The Fast Way To Fitness"

"First, I want to start out by saying this book rocks!!! I love that all these exercises are in one place and at my finger tips. These things are perfect for building strength along with building mental toughness. This definitely separates the meatheads from the babies. My teams hate me more and more every day. I love it!"

Nick Wilson BS, CSCS
University of Detroit Mercy - Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach

My name is Jim Kielbaso, and I'm glad you found this web site because I think it's going to change the way you train. But, first I want to tell you a little about myself so you know where this stuff is coming from. I'm not some internet marketing writer who sits in an office coming up with programs to sell. I am the director of a very successful, multi-site sports training business in Michigan. I'm a former college strength & conditioning coach, hold a MS in Kinesiology, hold certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I'm the author of two books – Speed & Agility Revolution and Weight Loss in Reality. I've also produced four training DVD's and I speak at conferences and clinics all over the country. I work with a wide range of clients – from professional athletes to people who just like to work their asses off.

Photo with Paris Lenon Photo with Tim Shaw

Jim with NFL Linebackers Paris Lenon and Tim Shaw.

The reason I tell you all of this is so you understand that I'm not some random guy who threw some exercises together and started selling stuff online. This is all the crazy stuff that my strength & conditioning colleagues and I have been throwing at people for years in order to ratchet up the intensity to an insane level.

For years, people have been asking me to put together a book of all the crazy stuff and "finishers" I do (we call them finishers because these are perfect ways to finish a workout with a bang). After realizing how many people love to perform insanely difficult workouts and how many coaches, trainers and drill instructors want to put people through sick workouts, I finally decided to put it all out there.

No more secret ass-kicking exercises. Now every sick bastard who loves to beat his brains out at the gym can "enjoy" this kind of training.

Take a minute to listen to a message from Jim.

Take a serious look at the endorsements on this page. These are real strength professionals, trainers and coaches, not internet guys who work together to sell each other's stuff. Like I said, this is the real deal.

"We do a lot of hard work with our athletes, and many of the exercises in this book are way harder than anything we do with them. If you are really up for a challenge, this book will definitely give you plenty of options you've probably never seen."

Aaron Hillman MS, CSCS
Strength & Conditioning Coach - University of Michigan

"World's Hardest Exercises is a one-of-a-kind book that is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys challenging workouts. There is a lot of great material in there, and I love using this stuff with my athletes."

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Loyola University Maryland

"This book has some crazy stuff in it, and I love how Jim calls it how he sees it! I incorporate these exercises into my personal routines as well as modified versions of them for my clients. This book helps to keep my clients routines "fun" and new each and every workout. They can't get enough of the challenges.

I've been strength training for over 15 years and have literally done tons of workouts, and I can say I've never seen anything even close to World's Hardest Exercises. This is worth every penny!"

Ian Lauer BA, CSCS
iLIFT619 – San Diego, CA

I've seen (and wasted my money on) a lot of crap on the internet, so I can understand if you're a little skeptical about this actually being different. There are a ton of products out there by so-called experts who say they have new and interesting stuff you've never seen before. Then, you get it and it's the same stuff we've all been doing for years. That's really frustrating, and I can assure you this isn't another crappy product like that. Let me be clear about what this is and what it is not.

What W.H.E. Is NOT:

These are real exercises that you can do (or work up to if you're a big baby) or modify depending on your level of strength or fitness. This is real, but you've probably never done or seen most of this.

Who W.H.E. Is For:

But, I need to be perfectly clear about something. If you're a big baby who doesn't like to work hard, you're probably not going to like this book very much.

If you're the kind of person who likes to sit on the exercise bike for a few minutes, get a couple of sets in on the leg extension machine, then hit the sauna….don't get this book. If you like to lift chrome plated dumbbells and do toning exercises for your inner thighs….don't get this book. You're just not going to like it.

Hard work isn't for everyone.

I could have included a bunch of complicated lifts like the snatch, clean or jerk, but those lifts are so technical that I didn't even include those. I could have (because they're hard), but I purposefully didn't.

There is also not a single kettlebell exercise in here. That's a totally different training style that I don't even get into here….so you know there is going to be some good, new stuff in here.

I'm also taking ALL of the risk out of this. If you've continued reading all the way down here, I'm so sure you're going to love this that I'm putting my reputation on the line with a better-than-money-back-guarantee.

"World's Hardest Exercises is a perfect for anyone interested in testing their limits of physical and mental toughness. Regardless of whether you are a coach or a weekend warrior, these exercises will inject new life into any workout. I can't wait to use all of these with our team….and for myself."

Chris Miller
Linebackers Coach – Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA

"I've been training with Jim for years, and he keeps coming up with crazy stuff to kick my ass. I love it. The exercises in this book are awesome and I haven't seen them anywhere else. If you're like me and love working out incredibly hard, you're going to love this book. There is simply nothing else like it out there."

Cliff Pattah

"I work with a lot of athletes and I love training hard myself. World's Hardest Exercises has given me a ton of new options that I never would have thought of. The descriptions absolutely crack me up, and it's very easy to skim through to find what you want. If you like working out, or you train other people, there is absolutely no reason on earth that you don't have this book. It's that good."

Frank Wozny BS, CSCS
Total Performance Training Center – Wixom, MI

You would spend at least $70 an hour to meet with a decent trainer these days. But, most trainers wouldn't even be able to show you anything new or kick your ass bad enough to make it worthwhile. This book is going to give you months (possibly years) worth of ass-beating exercises that you simply can't find anywhere else. How much would you pay to spend time with a professional strength coach and have him/her reveal all the ways to destroy someone? That stuff is priceless.

If you've spent much time checking out products like this on the internet, by now you're probably thinking I'm about to ask you to pay hundreds of dollars for this. Wrong! In fact, you're not even close. I was charging $99 for World's Hardest Exercises, (which was a great deal) but in the current economic climate, I want to make it available to EVERYONE. So, I've dropped the price for a special limited time in an effort to get it into as many hands as possible.

For a limited time, you can get this unique book for just $20! That's right, only $20. That's about 27 cents per exercise….if you're into math.

That's it! $20 for 70 of the toughest exercises in the world. $20 to change the way you train.

If that's not a good enough deal, I'm going to give you even more. If you are one of the next 100 people that purchase World's Hardest Exercises, I'll also give you:

And, if all of that isn't enough, I'm going to take every shred of risk out of this by giving you an incredible guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with this book for any reason, I'll give you a full 60 days to get your money back. No questions asked. Not only can you have your money back, I will also let you keep the workouts, the Manual Resistance guide, and you'll already have enjoyed for a full month.

The best part is that the total cost of this is just $20 right now. You probably spend more than that on protein shakes every month.

You can have access to all of this right now. Just click here and get started on the World's Hardest Exercises.

"My job is to help athletes get athletic scholarships and prepare them for what they are going to face playing college sports. I send every one of my clients to Jim because he knows exactly how to get them ready for anything they will face. He spends a lot of time working with them on speed and agility, but this book is a compilation of exercises he uses to finish workouts. My clients are constantly telling me about the crazy stuff they did, and they all love it."

George Yarberry
University Sports Recruiters

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I know you're going to enjoy the book, and I can't wait to hear from you once you start trying some of this stuff. Keep in touch.

Jim Kielbaso

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